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What are the assembly technical requirements for machining

2022-03-30 09:49:02

With the development of science and technology, the proportion of mechanical equipment in industrial production has doubled. While we enjoy the benefits of mechanical equipment into production, we also need to pay attention to the assembly of machining. The assembly technical requirements for machining are as follows?

1. When the hydraulic system allows packaging or sealing, it should be prevented from entering the system.

2. Before assembly, there must be a certificate of conformity from China Quality Inspection Association, and the parts entering the assembly (including outsourced parts and outsourced parts).

3. Must be cleaned before assembly, free of burrs, flashes, scale, rust, chips, oil, colorants and dust.

4. Before assembly, check the main fit dimensions of the parts, especially the interference fit dimensions and related accuracy.

5. The parts in the assembly process shall not touch, touch, scratch or rust.

6. The tapered pin parts should be checked with the holes, and the contact ratio should not be less than 60% of the fitting length, and the distribution should be uniform.

7. The number of tooth surfaces in contact with the spline assembly at the same time is not less than 2/3, the key teeth are long, and the contact rate in the high direction is not less than 50%.

8. After assembling the flat key (or spline), the phase fittings can be moved freely, and uneven tightening is not allowed.

9. All pipes should be cleaned of burrs, burrs and chamfers before end fittings. Remove rust and compressed air pipe walls, or other connection method debris.

10. All steel pipes (including prefabricated pipes) should be degreased, pickled, neutralized, cleaned and rust-proofed before assembly.

11. Pipe clamps, brackets, flanges, and joints should be threadedly connected to the fixing parts to prevent loosening during assembly.

reflects the characteristics of processing.

In our life, we need to use a lot of tool parts, but our tools are processed by other tools, which improves production efficiency. Longming's processing error rate is much lower than manual processing. The machine tool processing process is determined by people, only According to the specified standards, so the error rate will be greatly reduced.

Machining plays an integral role in modern manufacturing. Its characteristics are incomparable with ordinary machine tools, but it is excellent in production efficiency and intelligent operation. Its main features are that compared with ordinary machine tools, its transmission link is short, the product processing accuracy is improved, and the dragging effect is completed during use. The characteristics of machining are mainly reflected in the following points: when redesigning, the main attention is paid to the automatic language, so when using it, the staff does not have to manipulate it, which reduces the workload, and it will not be too tiring when working; he will be specified according to people. The program completes the work, and the staff only needs to be nearby to supervise, but its intelligence requirements are too high, so the staff must use their brains to do it. The equipment of CNC machine tools is very perfect. Pay attention to high precision during processing to ensure production quality. When producing the same product, many products can be produced at once. When validating a product, only one product needs to be validated. It can complete tasks that ordinary machine tools cannot, save a lot of processes and improve production efficiency.


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cell phone:136-4980-7593



Mail:guilong_lee@126.com  sales.01@lm-precision.com

Address:No. 21, 3rd Road, Sanjiang Industrial Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan City